Is CoinTree safe to use?

Yes, security and safety is our top priority.

All website traffic is encrypted using SSL. All important user details are encrypted using the latest encryption technology. And the Bitcoin wallet that we generate for you is encrypted many times over with different encryption methods.

Here are the details:

  • The SSL certificate is protected with a 2048 bit key and issued by GeoTrust Extended Validation SSL CA - G2.
  • User details and passwords are encrypted using the Rijndael cipher with a block size of 128 bits and a key length of 256 bits. This is the approved encryption method by the National Security Agency (NSA). In addition, passwords are salted per user.
  • User Bitcoin wallets are protected with a salted encrypted passphrase per user, and then the encrypted wallet is encrypted again before being stored.
  • User verification is handled by a trusted identity verification provider that is 100% compliant with Australian laws and regulations.


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