What Deposit Options Does Cointree Offer?

Here are the methods available for depositing money into your Cointree account: 

1. PayID (Instant)

PayID is a simple service that makes depositing funds into your Cointree Account Fast & Easy. Most banks and financial institutions in Australia now support PayID. PayID Deposits will credit to your account instantly and you will be able to withdraw the funds straight away.

2. Online & Mobile Banking (1 - 2 Business Days)

Standard bank transfers will be processed once we receive the cleared funds in our account which can take 1 - 2 business days.

The reference number must be specified with your deposit in order to be processed within the above time-frames.

3. Cash Deposits (Instant)

We have recently partnered with Blueshfyt who has a network of 1,200+ retail locations around Australia. Allowing customers to scan their deposit QR codes and use cash to pay for digital goods and services. You can now use this cash payment option to make deposits into your Cointree account.

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