How do I link my bank account?

You are able to link your bank account with your Cointree account so when it comes time to withdraw your funds, you will be able to do this straight to your bank account.

Here is a guide showing how you can link your bank account to your Cointree account.


Step 1:

Once you have logged into your Cointree account, go to your settings page. (you can find this by clicking on your username, and then selecting 'settings')




Step 2:

On the settings page, select the bank account tab. 



Step 3:

Enter the name of the account as well as your bsb and account number.

(please make sure to enter the name of the owner of the account as the account name, eg: 'John Smith' & not 'savings account')



Step 4:

Once you have entered your bank details and clicked 'add account', a 1 cent deposit will be made to your account with a 6 digit verification number as the description. 

The 1 cent deposit will generally appear in your account within 1 to 2 business days.

This should look something like Direct credit ****** CT CT ******. The last 6 numbers after the CT is the verification code.

Once you have received this in your bank account, please enter it in the verification field and select 'verify account'.


Step 5:

When you enter the correct verification code and click 'verify account', your bank details will now be linked.


If you are having issues with this, please contact our support team who will be able to assist you further.

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