How do I send Bitcoin/Altcoins to another wallet?

Cointree supports bitcoin and altcoins withdrawals as follows.

Coin Conditions Notes
Bitcoin (BTC) None See instructions below
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) None See instructions below
Ethereum (ETH) None See instructions below
Other coins

Account tier is Gold or higher (view tiers)

AND withdrawal value is worth AUD $100 or more

Contact support



Here is a quick guide showing how to send your coins to an external wallet. This applies to coins with no conditions (see above table).


Step 1:

Once you have logged into your Cointree account, go to the accounts page.



Step 2:

Once you have logged into your Cointree account, go to the accounts page.



Step 3:

On the send coin page, you will be able to select the coin you would like to send and enter the wallet address of the wallet you would like to send the coin to.

(please double check the address you are sending to is correct, all transfers confirmed by the blockchain a not reversible)



Step 4:

Once you have selected the coin to send, the amount to send, and the entered the sending address. Click the 'send coin' button, and then a page will display advising that a confirmation email has been sent to your email.



Step 4:

Head to your emails and open the confirmation link provided in the same browser that you are logged into Cointree with. This will confirm the outgoing transaction and this will now be broadcast to the blockchain.


If you have any question about the process at all or if you are having any issue, please let our support team know. We are always happy to help.

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