Why has my auto-buy been cancelled?

When you create an AUD deposit and select to automatically buy digital currency once the deposit is received, it is possible the auto-buy may not be able to be processed successfully. When this occurs, you may see a transaction that has 'cancelled' status on your transactions page.

There are a few reasons that this may occur. The main reason for this is our Price Protection feature.


Price Protection is a feature that helps to protect our members against unexpected market movement. If the market rate of the selected digital currency has changed by 2% or more (up or down) between the time of creating the deposit and the time that it is received and processed by our system, then the funds will be returned and credited to your Cointree account as AUD.

This allows our members to access the market conditions and better decide when to go ahead with the purchase. 

To make a digital currency purchase with your AUD balance, you can go to the Buy Coin page and select the 'Use Account Credit' purchase option.


If you have any questions about auto-buys, please feel free to contact our support team.

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