How to Deposit Using PayID?

PayID is a simple service that makes depositing funds into your Cointree account fast & easy. Most banks and financial institutions in Australia now support PayID.

Here are the steps to deposit with PayID:

  • Create a PayID deposit in your Cointree by going to the 'Deposit Cash' page and selecting the PayID purchase option. 
  • When you have created a deposit order you will be provided with a unique PayID email. The reference for each deposit will be the initials of your name (e.g. John Smith = JS).
  • In your Bank Account, select the option to make a new payment, there will be an option to pay to an email address, select this option.
  • Enter the provided email address (your unique PayID email) and enter your initials as the reference and confirm the payment. (Make sure to enter the reference details in both description fields)

Your payment is now complete and you will see the deposit status as confirmed in your Cointree account with your balance ready to use!

Note: The first deposit may take up to 24 hours to process for security purposes. 

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact our Support Team.



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