03 May 2019 - Buy any coin directly with AUD, cash purchase limit increase



Today we are thrilled to have released another rapid update for our members. With this latest update, Cointree members are now able to buy any of our 100+ supported cryptocurrencies directly with AUD.

The ability to buy any coin directly with AUD rather than trading via Bitcoin (BTC) will help streamline purchases for many of our users.

This update again marks another step forward with our trading engine. Coming very soon we will also be adding the ability to trade directly between any of our 100+ coins, further providing our members the freedom to trade however they want.

We're also happy to announce we have been able to increase Cash deposits to $8,000.

Again we have been focused on general performance improvements to the trading website and will continue making further refinements to improve the Cointree experience.

This is update 3 in a series of rapid updates we are making at Cointree.

Update 1: Pay bills integration and platform updates
Update 2: Buy Ethereum (ETH) and bitcoin cash (BCH) directly, performance improvements

If you have any feedback or suggestions then we would love to hear from you so please feel free to contact us.

Happy trading,
The Cointree team

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