Is Cointree tax-time friendly?

Cointree provides a range of reports and exports to help make meeting your tax obligations as easy as possible.


Detailed Invoices for every buy, sell and trade

At any time you can export a PDF of invoices for all trades completed on your Cointree account. This has been designed to be as tax friendly as possible and includes details such as:

  • Account owner's personal name or entity name
  • Exact time stamps
  • AUD equivalents for all non-AUD assets (eg. Bitcoin to Ethereum trade)
  • Invoice number
  • GST on the commission fee


Monthly Holding Statements

You can export a monthly holding statement PDF which lists all balances present in your account at the end of each month. 


Detailed CSV exports

Many users prefer to use their own accounting tools so we provide the option to export all of your orders and transactions as a detailed CSV format.

CoinTracking is a popular tax tool for traders so we have set up a quick guide showing how easy it is to import all your transactions into CoinTracking

CryptoTaxCalculator is made and based in Australia which is a subscription-based software simplifying your taxes for cryptocurrency trading and/or investing. Our partnership with CryptoTaxCalculator has enabled us to provide our customers a 20% discount code off their first year subscription.


The standard plan covers all previous financial years so you are covered under the one pricing if you need to amend your tax return. We have set up an easy guide on how to import your trasnactions into CryptoTaxCalculator. 

If you have any questions about our reporting tools please feel free to contact our support team.

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