Setting Up Recurring Purchases

You can now setup Recurring Deposits with Cointree!

This means you once you setup a recurring transfer from your bank account to your Cointree account. Each time the funds clear into your Cointree account, they will automatically purchase Bitcoin at the current market rate automatically so you don't even need to log in!


Step One:

Go to the "Accounts Page" page and select the "Deposit Cash" tab:



Step Two:

Select the "Recurring" Deposit Option:



Step Three:

Enter the amount you wish to deposit on a recurring basis and then click confirm:



Step Four:

You will then directed to a page with our bank details and the reference number to use (always make sure to include the reference number in the description of the deposit).

Use these bank details to set up a recurring deposit/transfer in your own internet banking. The recurring deposit is setup in your own bank account so you can always have full control over it.

Every time the funds come through to us, they will credit to your Cointree account and buy Bitcoin automatically!

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact our Support Team.



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