Why aren't I receiving withdrawal authorisation emails?

Cointree follows an industry standard security process that requires cryptocurrency withdrawals to be approved via email.


How this works

When you make a cryptocurrency withdrawal request, you will be sent an email that contains an authorisation link. Click the link within the email to approve the withdrawal.


Not receiving the authorisation emails?

Some ISPs (internet service providers) and email providers mark the email as spam/junk. Unfortunately, this behavior varies from service-to-service and is out of our control. Please try looking in these folders within your email client.

Whitelisting noreply@account.cointree.com should allow the emails to be delivered to your inbox. Once the email address is added to the whitelist or safe senders, please try resending the email via the Transactions page in your Cointree account.


Still not receiving the authorisation emails after whitelisting?

If you use an email address that is provided by your ISP (internet service provider), they may be filtering the email before it is passed to your email client. Try accessing the web email portal provided by your ISP and adding noreply@account.cointree.com to the whitelist or safe senders. You may need to contact your ISP for help with this.


Still not receiving the authorisation emails after trying everything?

If you have performed the whitelisting above and still not receiving the emails, please contact our support team for assistance.


Troublesome email providers

Provider Notes
aapt.net.au We've seen an increase in reports of our emails not being delivered to these emails. We advise using another email address.



We've found Bigpond users may need to add "noreply@account.cointree.com" to safe senders via the web portal rather than your usual email program.


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