27 August 2020 - Support and assistance webinars

The Cointree team is happy to announce weekly support webinars, where everyone (members and non-members alike) can ask us questions live.

Topics include bitcoin, blockchain, how to get started, how to store your coins safely, trading tips and more. All questions are welcome and no question is too simple. We're here to help you get started on your cryptocurrency journey.

Each week we'll start off with a quick market update while we wait for everyone to join. Then, we'll open the floor for Q&A and tips and tricks.


Please note that these sessions are for general assistance only. For questions specific to your Cointree account, please contact our support team at https://support.cointree.com



Live support webinars have been replaced by live phone support.

Please go to https://www.cointree.com/company/contact-us for details.


The Cointree team

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