How to integrate your transactions with CryptoTaxCalculator?

To assist our customers with what may sometimes be the laborious task of organising your crypto-related taxes, we have partnered with CryptoTaxCalculator, which is a subscription-based software simplifying your taxes for cryptocurrency trading and/or investing.

CryptoTaxCalculator is made and based in Australia; offering an annual plan which covers all previous financial years from 2013. So if you need to amend your tax return for previous tax years, you are covered under the one price. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Our partnership with CryptoTaxCalculator has enabled us to provide our customers with a 20% discount code off their first-year subscription.



Importing your trading and order information into the CryptoTaxCalculator platform is easy and we have provided a step by step guide below to demonstrate this process:

  1. Navigate to the transaction page in your Cointree account. Download the 'Orders' CSV history and your 'Transactions' CSV history

2. Create a free account on CryptoTaxCalculator and navigate to the import transactions page. Select Cointree from the drop-down menu and upload your CSV files.



3. Review your transactions and ensure you have categorised them correctly.

. Generate your tax report and portfolio breakdown.


 That's it - you're done! Feel free to reach out to CryptoTaxCalculator support with any questions.

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