4 Aug 2021 - Introducing market price and quoted price orders

As part of our commitment to continuously improving our platform and giving you the best trading experience possible, we’re introducing two new order types that give you more power over your trades.

Let’s explore the new ‘Market price’ and ‘Quoted price’ order types, available from today. 


What are market price and quoted price orders?

Market price orders will be successful regardless of price changes in the market, while quoted price orders will only be successful when the quoted price is available. 


How does a market price order work?

Your market price order will be filled instantly at the best price available, regardless of whether the price moves up, down, or stays the same. If you want to buy even if the price moves, this order type is best. 


Please note the price on market price orders is a best estimate. 


How does a quoted price order work?

Quoted price orders are only successful if your quoted price is immediately available. The order will not be successful if the market price moves away from the quoted price when placing the order. If you only want to buy at a specific price, this order type is best. 


Want to use these new order types? You can start right now. Select a coin and make your first market price and quoted price orders, with detailed instructions available here. And keep your eye out for more exciting new features coming soon. 


Happy trading!

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