26 October - Introducing Recurring Buys for All Coins

We’re excited to announce a new way to set up and manage recurring buys, with the ability to set up recurring buys for any coin supported on the Cointree platform.


Recurring buys are used by many people in the investment industry as part of a Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy, and from today, you can implement this strategy on any coin supported on the Cointree platform using our improved recurring buys feature.


This upgrade helps you spread out your entry points and your total investment that can help manage volatility risks and maximise your total investment. It’s a disciplined entry strategy that can help avoid post-purchase regrets due to the fact your entry points are spread out as opposed to making a lump sum investment when the market is seeing high swings.


How do recurring buys work?


Recurring buys can be set up on any coins supported on the Cointree platform by visiting the buy screen within the platform, selecting the coin you want the recurring buy for, and then scheduling deposits with your banking provider with the provided reference details. Each time we receive a deposit from your bank with the reference details, your account will be credited and a purchase of the coin will be made. Click here to see the full how to>



What if I have a current recurring buy and don’t set it up?


For customers who have an existing recurring deposit set up with their bank, your AUD funds will be credited to your Cointree account, however your trade will not be executed.You will need to set up new recurring orders as per the steps above.

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