How to buy gold?

Thanks to a partnership with Rush Gold, you can buy and sell gold bullion directly from your Cointree wallet 24/7, so you can hold gold in your wallet as an investment just as easily as you buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies.

Note: Gold can only be done using the Market price order type. 


To make your first purchase of Gold, please refer to the following:


Step One

Click on the ‘Market price’ order type.


Step two

Enter the amount of AUD you would like to spend on the gold.

You can see your total available balance on the right side of the ‘Amount’, under ‘Max’. In the example below, you can see that the account currently has $107.68 AUD in their account.

You will be prevented from entering a figure higher than your total available balance, you may however choose an amount that is less than your total balance.


If you would like to spend more AUD, you can deposit AUD to your account here.


Step three

Select the Gold by clicking on the provided box ‘Select a asset to buy’.



You will then be able to see and choose a gold from the list of assets available. You can even type in the coin name or symbol in the provided search box to find the coin of your choice.





Step four (Optional)

You can enter notes for yourself to remind yourself the reason you bought the gold or what you planned to do with it. The notes could be anything! 

For example, the customer below chooses to use the note to remind them to withdraw an asset on a certain date. 

Please note that this step is optional and you can choose to skip it by leaving it empty.


Step five

Review your buy summary to ensure that you are buying the right asset and the right amount. 

The buy summary lists the amount you’re spending - your ‘Order amount’, the fee charged by Cointree ‘Cointree fee’, and the amount of the gold you are buying.

You can then tick the “I accept the Cointree terms of service & refund policy” box and ‘Confirm’ to proceed with the purchase.


You’ll get a successful message stating “Your purchase is complete.” once your order has been executed. 

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