How do I sell my coins for AUD?

What are the ways to sell coins at Cointree?

Firstly, you’ll need to choose between a ‘Market price’ and ‘Quoted price’ order.

To make a sell click on ‘Buy/Sell/Trade’ then the ‘Sell Coin’ tab. This will lead you to the ‘Sell Coin’ page. Here, you’ll be able to select your order and complete them.


Selling your coin

Firstly, you’ll need to choose between a ‘Market price’ and ‘Quoted price’ order.

What’s the difference between market price and quoted price orders?

Market price orders will be successful regardless of price changes in the market, while quoted price orders will only be successful when the quoted price is available. 

To sell using either the Market Price and Quoted price feature, please refer to the following:

Step One

Click on the ‘Market price’ box to use this order type. If you'd like to use our Quoted price feature, please click on the ‘Quoted price’ instead.


Step two

Select the coin you would like to sell.

You will then be able to see and choose a coin from the list of coins available along with their balances. You can even type in the coin name or symbol in the provided search box to find the coin of your choice.


Step three

Once you have selected a coin, you will then need to enter the amount of the coins you would like to sell.

You can see your total available balance of the coin on the right side of ‘Amount’, under ‘Available’. In the example below, you can see that the account currently has 0.00592627 BTC in their account.

You will be prevented from entering a figure higher than your total available balance, you may however choose an amount that is less than your total balance.


Step four

Review your sell summary to ensure that you are buying the right coin and the right amount, with the right coin.

The sell summary lists the amount you’re selling - your 'Sell amount', the approximated conversion rate - 'Conversion (approx.)', the fee charged by Cointree ‘Cointree fee’, and the amount of the AUD to be credited to your account. For example, the customer below wants to sell 0.001 BTC, $60.75 AUD is the approximated amount that will get credited to their account when they sell the coin.

You can then tick the “I accept the Cointree terms of service & refund policy” box and ‘Confirm’ to proceed with the sell.


You will get a successful message stating “Your sell is complete.” once your order has been executed. 

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