7 December 2020 - Coin delisting

As part of the Cointree's continuous efforts to improve the performance of the exchange and to better serve our members, we may delist certain assets from time to time. We delist assets as part of our mission to provide members with access to the most innovative projects that fuel the industry and to ensure the assets meet the high standards of our customers.

From time to time we may delist an asset if the project no longer satisfies certain important criteria that we look for in our listed assets. These criteria include, but are not limited to:

  • Low trade volume on the exchange
  • Compromised network security that presents liability for Cointree and its customers
  • Deteriorating developer support for the project
  • Prohibitive cost to upgrading and/or continuing to support the project
  • Lawsuits, enforcement actions or other legal issues that the project faces
  • Regulatory and compliance updates from industry bodies and service providers

Based on our most recent reviews, the following assets have been delisted from Cointree:

  • Po.et (POE)

Withdrawals will be available until 21 December 2020. Please be sure to withdraw this asset before this date.

If you have any questions in regards to this please feel free to contact our support team.

The Cointree Team

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