Identifying and Avoiding Scams

At Cointree, we take our security very seriously. However, don't let this put your own guard down. No amount of security on our end can make up for inadequate personal security.

It is vital for our members to take advantage of the account security tools and advice that we offer and to be diligent and never share access to the account with anyone else.

General guidelines

  • If something seems to good to be true, it usually is.
  • Never share your account credentials.
  • Be wary of anyone asking you to setup a Cointree account.
  • Do not send your cryptocurrency to untrusted destinations.
  • Educate yourself on common scams (see the Resources section below).
  • If in doubt, please reach out to our friendly team for assistance.

Beware of scams

Scammers use advanced techniques to try to steal your personal information and/or cryptocurrency.

It is extremely important to remain vigilant to these kinds of schemes. This article is to help raise awareness and help you avoid them. Unlike bank transactions, digital currency transactions cannot be reversed which is why it is so important to be aware of the techniques used by scammers.

Warning signs:

  • Did someone ask you to sign up to Cointree?
  • Did someone ask you to provide your ID to them?
  • Did someone ask you to share your Cointree credentials with them?
  • Did someone promise you high investment returns if you send cryptocurrency to them?
  • Did someone ask you to buy cryptocurrency to pay a fine or bill?

These are some (but not all!) warning signs that you may be involved in a scam.


Educating yourself on common scams is important. We've provided some starting points:

What to do if you think you're involved in a scam:

If you have any uncertainty about something or if it doesn't quite seem right, we highly recommend checking for further advice on the warning signs of scams. You can also reach out to our friendly team for assistance by clicking here.

Account security

In addition to being vigilant to scams, it's important to keep your account secure. Read our account security tips.



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